of negative situations experienced by companies are not directly product-related but with the service associated with the product.

The daily challenge to take up for an after-sales service is to provide the best service possible in the shortest possible time. The consequences of the after-sales service’s unavailability can be disastrous for a company, particularly in case of an important number of interventions per day. The automation and dematerialisation of the after-sales service’s whole value chain, from hotline to technicians and logistics, allow to make your processes smoother, to anticipate your workload peaks, and thus to optimise your resources.

Mobility and new geolocation technologies are major strategies to gain effectiveness. On one side, the technicians’ planning is optimised, and on the other side, local presence for customers is increased through available documentation about the customer, its equipment, and the immediate feedback about the expressed needs. This way, the organisation reconciles effectiveness and profitability by limiting administrative tasks and improving the teams’ productivity.

How KIMOCE helps you to take up this challenge:

KIMOCE is your partner of choice to optimise your interventions on a daily basis:

  • Share a single repository to get a real-time visibility of all your activities.
  • Automate your processes by request nature to fine-tune the processing modes of your interventions.
  • Synchronise in real time your human and material resources with your customers’ availabilities.
  • Increase your technicians’ productivity through a powerful tool for technician mobility.

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