Customer satisfaction is an essential element of your company’s performance and consequently of its durability. 75 % of negative situations experienced by companies are not directly product-related but are linked with the product’s environment. Hence, beyond the product or service provided, each company has to set up all the human, technological, and organisational means to optimise its after-sales service. This is the reason why the Service function has become a cross-disciplinary and strategic mission for the sustainability of the organisations. This function allows:

  • To increase company’s revenues though development of new services that are in-field identified
  • To reduce the operating costs through optimisation of human and material resources of the after-sales service
  • To anticipate workload peaks through optimisation of preventive and predictive maintenance
  • To promote customer loyalty through reliability and quality of service of the after-sales service
  • To establish culture of service by simplifying your teams’ life to focus them on the customer

KIMOCE provides a day-to-day support to help you meet the expectations of your customers and teams, measure your performance and thus take up your three major challenges.

Optimising your interventions
Expanding your profitability
Improve customer satisfaction

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